Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bad Friday...

At 21months old my son is always curious about what’s going on around him. I’m sure a lot of you guys who are already mothers can relate to me. But anyway he happened to mess up our answering machine, which at first didn’t really bother me because we went to Fresno California for a short vacation. My eye doctor called days after we arrived home. I wasn’t able to answer the call for I let the answering machine do its job. Hoping that I am still on schedule for my eye exam, I drove around 40miles last Friday to see my eye doctor and gosh, a big sign at their front door that says “We are only open from 8:00 am to 12noon today and close the whole day tomorrow.” I was so mad at them at the beginning thinking that they didn’t even bother to inform me about it. Then I realized that there’s something wrong with our machine. The only reason I knew that they called is because we have a caller ID. So on that very same day I tried to fix the problem and it worked.

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